University Shortlisting

One of the most important aspects to studying abroad is the selection of right university or college you need to apply to. Shortlisting a college, university or program can become a very confusing and time consuming process. Numerous universities across several prominent countries offer admission to foreign students. Remember, your study destination is the place where you are going to invest your valuable time, energy and money.

Some key aspects you need to review while choosing the right destination

  • Programs, Area of Interest – selecting a university only on rankings might not be the right way to start off. The destination you select to apply needs to offer the field of study you are interested in.
  • Your Eligibility to Apply – once you have narrowed down the universities which offers programs in your field of interest, you need to find out if your Academic qualifications & record, work experience, Test scores of GRE, GMAT, TOEFL etc match Universities requirement or not.
  • University / College Ranking – ranking and reputation of a college or university can tell you a lot about what it can offer. The rankings are usually dependent on several factors like research quality, teaching quality international outlook and infrastructure. You can compare universities on their different strengths and weaknesses by using objective data provided and narrow down the alternatives. Various websites also offer rankings for the universities.
  • Cost of Study – Can you afford the Fee structure of the university? Cost of studying abroad varies greatly from program to program and destination to destination. While comparing the Program Fee, it is crucial to understand which costs are included and which are not. So you need to add-up all anticipated expense including, cost of living, personal spending money and airfare.
  • Alumni Networking – use social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, etc to contact Alumni of the targeted university or college. Gain knowledge on how the student life will be there, what are the mistakes to be avoided, questions on employability etc. Many colleges also offer Open House for potential students as well.
  • Accreditation– 
    Being and international student another important aspect which needs to be considered while selecting the universities is accreditation. There are various organizations like Council for Higher Education Accreditation ( or the US Department of Education ( for the universities located in United States, for universities located in United Kingdom it can be verified from GOV.UK (

The above list is just some of the important points you need to keep in mind while selecting the right university. It is critical that you get an unbiased and objective view during your review process. This is where we come in. Our expertise in the field enables us to weed out irrelevant information, to evaluate and present the best possible option to you.